Yo! Basecamp


  • High Sierra Climbing Camp
    June 19 (Sun.) – June 26 (Sun.)
  • Bishop Mega-Crankin’ Bouldering Camp
    July 7 (Tues.) – July 14 (Tues.)

Yo! Basecamp Climbing Camp was founded in 1998 by husband-and-wife team Andy and Lisa Puhvel with the goal of getting kids properly grounded in the fundamentals of outdoor rock climbing. With the emergence of indoor climbing gyms throughout the country, these two teachers and lifelong climbers saw the need for a summer camp where kids who love climbing could experience outdoor rock climbing in paradise. Since then Yo! Basecamp has realized that kids gain more than just climbing skills when attending a camp; they have meaningful experiences connecting with their peers in a technology-free, screen-free, pressure-free world called Nature. And because they are on Nature's time for a week, the memories stick.

Yo! Basecamp's Climbing Camps take you to some of the country’s best climbing areas in and around Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, California, on the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The directors of Yo! Basecamp -- native Californians Andy and Lisa Puhvel -- have been adventuring throughout their glorious state for over 30 years. Their vast climbing and teaching experience sets Yo! Basecamp apart from other guided experiences; in the presence of Andy and Lisa, you feel as though you're with the best. Andy has been at the top of Yosemite rock climbing since age 15: he has free-climbed all the major formations in the Valley, set speed records on El Capitan and Half Dome, and pushed trad-climbing standards throughout California. Lisa, a former Outward Bound instructor, has summited Denali in Alaska, climbed El Capitan and Half Dome, and won numerous races in mountain biking, trail running, and skiing. Both Andy and Lisa hold Master's Degrees in Education and California teaching credentials, and they pride themselves on their diverse teaching backgrounds and strong interpersonal skills.



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