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Yo! Basecamp Climbing Camp was founded in 1998 by husband-and-wife team Andy and Lisa Puhvel with the goal of getting kids properly grounded in the fundamentals of outdoor rock climbing. With the emergence of indoor climbing gyms throughout the country, these two teachers and lifelong climbers saw the need for a summer camp where kids who love climbing could experience outdoor rock climbing in paradise. Since then Yo! Basecamp has realized that kids gain more than just climbing skills when attending a camp; they have meaningful experiences connecting with their peers in a technology-free, screen-free, pressure-free world called Nature. And because they are on Nature's time for a week, the memories stick.

The Sierra Nevada Mountains of California are home to some of the best rock climbing on the planet. For many kids who attend Yo! Basecamp, the Sierra have become a home away from home -- a place where rock, sky, water, and fresh air meet to create a magical playground of pure fun. Whether the kids are on a bouldering camp or a High Sierra Climbing Camp, they are sure to experience some of the best outdoor moments of their lives. Our expert instructors focus on guiding youngsters in the skills, mental state, and activities that make them feel good about themselves, giving them the best rock climbing experience possible. The safety techniques that kids are taught at camp become the building blocks of their foundation as safe outdoorspeople and climbers. In the great outdoors, safety can encompass many things: walking consciously to the crag on established trails; evaluating the flatness of a boulder problem's landing zone; staying hydrated while being active; and much, much more.

At Yo! Basecamp, kids find that summer climbing camp has never been so much fun. All the things that make an awesome outdoor experience are included on every Yo! Basecamp course: exciting activities; supportive, friendly people (both the staff and the campers); delicious food; and a beautiful place. Yo! Basecamp could very well be a young climber’s heaven on earth!

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